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From Days to Minutes: A faster approach to the cyber-risk supply chain

A Leading Cyber Risk Analytics Platform

This analytics platform is changing how executives, boards and the risk management industry effectively manage financial exposure to cyber risk.

Case Study

This patented and validated analytics platform aims to solve cyber risk problems, utilizing data analytics to target finite cybersecurity resources, so that these finite resources can be better prioritized. Partnering with Data2Diamond, they completely automated their processes and saved in costs tremendously.

The challenge

This analytics platform wanted to find a time and cost-efficient solution to improve their supply chain cyber risk assessment process.

The solution

We developed a custom Tableau extension that completely automates supply chain assessment data collection process.

  • 150K USD Costs reduction per client

  • 7 Days to 30 mins assessment process

  • 4 hrs to a click for Data Capture

  • 10x Increase in productivity

” It was a great experience working with Data2Diamond. With their smart technology, we are not only way more efficient, but we are able to build strong and engaging business relationships with our customers. None of these things could be done if it wasn’t for D2D, it was all incredible”.

Chief Analytics Officer and Inventor

In Detail

Based in the Washington, D.C. area, this leading, patented, and validated analytics platform aims to improve how businesses manage financial exposure to cyber risk through the power of data analytics. Among their customers are highly reputed companies of Fortune 1000 who have trusted suite with their ongoing cyber risk reduction and resilience mission.

“The ability to understand how technical cyber security implementation impacts enterprise risk management strategy has unlocked the future of cyber risk management”, says CEO.

This analytics platform delivers an effective approach to meet emerging SEC Cyber Risk Disclosure requirements.

In a search for constant improvement, this analytics platform knew their supply chain report assessment process would improve in quality and efficiency with additional automation.

The Challenge

To find out how to better help their customers, this analytics platform developed an assessment tool in Tableau, with a series of supply chain questions that their customers seek to answer related to their individual vendors and suppliers.

Previously, users filled in their information into the tool and later the output of the tool was copy-pasted and appended manually into an excel file. Extracting the data for the aggregate supply chain executive report could easily take hours. Once the clients sent them the completed form, this analytics platform used a team to manually collect all relevant information to process and create an aggregated (or summary) supply chain ecosystem executive report.

The aggregate reporting process was a manual, slow, and error-prune process. The challenge was to seek automation.

The Solution

This analytics platform approached the Data2Diamond team for their profound knowledge of the Tableau ecosystem and presented them with the problem. The D2D team gladly took on the assignment.

They meticulously analysed the project requirement and built a technical solution to automate the entire manual processes into a simple » single click of a button », which they added as a tableau extension to the analytics platform self-service assessment tool.

The Tableau extension is a custom component that was developed by the D2D team to add non-native functionalities to Tableau. Its function is to automatically fetch the data from Tableau and push it to the database.

The Benefits

The solution that Data2Diamond proposed was to add a button to the assessment tool, so that once the clients filled in all the information, by clicking on it, in real time, they could obtain an up-to-date aggregated supply chain ecosystem report.

With the developed extension by the D2D team, this analytics platform can now run an infinite number of assessments at the same time. Meanwhile, all output can be pushed instantly to the database by clicking one simple button that was integrated in the tool and access the summary of the data in real-time. The three biggest benefits of this solution can be identified as the following:

Full automation

With the developed extension, the assessment process is now fully automated. This allowed their customer to reassign tasks internally, saving almost $150,000.00 per year.

It is a brilliant reallocation of a resource through the invention of smart technology. They save all the time went into the manual work that they did when collecting the data and processing it.

Easy to Scale Solution

With the developed extension, the fully automated assessment process can be implemented on as many clients as desired, in a fast and simple way, no need for complicated implementation processes.

Less time, more productivity

This analytics platform upscaled their supply chain assessment aggregation process by 10 fold by removing cumbersome and error prune manual processes.

In other words, with the extension, they could speed up the supply chain assessment completion process from 7 days to as little as 30 minutes.The tool has provided a wonderful experience for this leading analytics platform.

Real-time access

With the Data2Diamond extension, they can run multiple assessments at the same time and have the data pushed instantly to the database. There, it automatically generates the report which can be accessed by the executives without losing any time.

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